MotorDesigns is headquartered in the heart of San Francisco, and is committed to designing, curating, manufacturing and importing the best designed and highest quality products on the on the planet. We search for unique, one of a kind product lines from North America, Italy, Spain and France.

We work with builders, architects, designers and dealers as well as directly with restaurants, hotels, resorts and residential home owners. We maintain a nationwide network of highly trained, reliable dealers and installers for each of our product lines.

Please contact us to find the closest qualified dealer for your next project. If you’d like to become an authorized dealer for any of our products, or specify our products on your next project, please call us at 1-415-690-7118 or click here.

Ken Burnstein

Ken Burnstein

Founder and CEO

MotorDesigns was founded in San Francisco by Ken Burnstein. We have engineers and warehouses located in Dallas Texas, and can ship to pretty much any country in the world. We curate the best designed products we can find in each category, and also design and produce our own line of products.

We value honesty and integrity, and our reputation means everything to us. Call or email us, and Ken or one of our other team members will answer you directly. Before and after the sale, we are here for you.

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