MacroAir HVLS Fans

High Volume Low Speed Industrial fans – Now available Nationwide!

The Best Industrial Fan That Money Can Buy

We believe that the MacroAir HVLS line of AirVolution fans are the most quiet and efficient industrial fans on the market today. They not only can make any workspace more comfortable, but can also reduce your HVAC expenses by 25% or more by evenly distributing the air in your facility. They work equally well in both Summer and Winter.



You can now purchase MacroAir Fans directly on Amazon!

What is HVLS?

An HVLS fan is a large ceiling fan that moves a High Volume of air at a Low Speed. The low speed delivers gentle air movement rather than disruptive wind, and circulating a high volume of air effectively distributes airflow over a large area.

Why MacroAir

MacroAir invented the HVLS fan. In fact, Big Ass Fans, one of MacroAir’s competitors was actually one of their first distributors. MacroAir Fans use less energy, are more efficient, and have a longer warranty than any other HVLS fan on the market.

What Size Do I Need?

Calculating the correct fan size can be complicated. We now offer a free customized 3D airflow simulation that will give you the correct fan size for any application. Just click here to get started.

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